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Reiki…Ten Useful Applications of Reiki Healing to Improve Your Personal and Professional Life

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Reiki is the Japanese name for Universal Life Energy, the source of vitality and the very ‘life force’ that keeps us alive and healthy. Therefore, the fundamental importance of Reiki in life, being critical to our existence, cannot be over-emphasized. Yet, to many the concept of this life force energy remains vague. Understanding the abstract spiritual nature of the healing energy requires a different perspective beyond the realm of the five sense organs.

Reiki is the energy that flows through every living being as ‘life’. Therefore, the ability to channelize Reiki is inherent in every living being. What one needs is the capability to access it. The Source of Reiki is everywhere in the universe. In order to access and channelize it more easily and effectively, one gets attuned by a Reiki Master Teacher; attunement connects one to the Source of Reiki.

The probable question that could arise is why would one want to get attuned to Reiki? And the answer is… being ‘life energy’ itself, Reiki has the power to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate at the cellular level, thus enhancing the performance of tissues, organs, endocrine glands, as well as, boosting immunity; to direct life’s events by cleansing the mental-emotional faculties, thereby purifying our thoughts words and actions; and to determine the level of health, happiness and harmony we enjoy in life by enhancing the level of positive life force energy circulating within us.

Here are ten useful applications of Reiki therapy:

1. Reiki healing relieves stress and tension, relaxing muscles and smoothing out mental/emotional pressure. This is the immediate effect of a Reiki healing session.

2. Reiki can reduce pain and soreness and relief can be manifested within minutes of applying Reiki hands-on the affected area/organ.

3. Reiki can help melt away negative mental blocks in persons of all ages and brings about acceptance of realities in life. Reiki enables us to accept and love ourselves for what we are.

4. Reiki can help protect our mental-emotional faculties from reacting negatively under harmful influences and in the face of unfavorable situations. It brings clarity of mind and firmness of decision.

It builds inner confidence and the capability to make the most of what we have.

5. Reiki sharpens the intellect. It can help one to see with more clarity.

6. Reiki can help mend relationships. It does an amazing job at rekindling love, acceptance and understanding between individuals within days of regular Reiki healing, even if the parties involved are unaware of it. Reiki healing works unconditionally, so it will always work towards the highest good of all the parties involved.

7. Reiki energy sent regularly to a future event like marriage/graduation/any other important situation or function assists the successful and timely completion of the same.

8. Reiki sharpens our intuition or sixth sense and deepens our spiritual awareness. For those who are spiritually inclined are likely to experience amazing spiritual advancement with regular Reiki healing.

9. Reiki brings reinstated peace, harmony, mutual understanding, cooperation and accomplishment within a group of people, whether it is a family, a team, workforce, or a professional board, committee, class or association working for a common cause.

10. Reiki re-establishes physical, mental, emotional and professional well-being. It brings with it a wave of positivity that can be distinctly experienced by each and every person enjoying the privilege of receiving Reiki either directly, or as a part of a group of recipients.

All it takes to enjoy the innumerable benefits of Reiki is a firsthand experience of a Reiki healing session! Just go for it! To schedule your Reiki session call us here at The Herbal Alternative, 812-271-1850. Cost is $80 for a one hour session.

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