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Essential Oils

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

A truly authentic essential oil is one of the plant kingdom’s greatest gifts. For centuries they have been prized as remarkable flavors, fragrances and most notably as potent remedies. Wellness seekers through the ages have discovered that when these precious aromatic liquids are delivered in their original, unaltered state, they profoundly and safely cleanse, protect, rejuvenate and elevate the body and mind.

Essential oils are most effective when in their authentic, natural state. When NSP began offering essential oils more than 15 years ago, we discovered many competitive oils on the market had been altered, standardized and enhanced for flavor, fragrance and economic advantage. Nature’s Sunshine raised the bar. We guaranteed that our oils were 100% authentic. Recently, the wellness market has been flooded with new essential oil offerings. Each claims its own “grade,” be it “A,” “therapeutic,” “clinical,” “medicinal” or even “certified.” The truth is these grades do not ensure oil authenticity. They are created solely by the companies selling the oils. Conscientious health seekers should know there is no third-party governing body that certifies or grades essential oils. Thus, many essential oil companies sell adjusted, altered and even synthetic oils and call them pure and therapeutic. Since many essential oil companies source their products from fragrance, flavor and even chemical brokers, they do not oversee the entire supply chain. They sacrifice the all-critical relationship with the source harvester and distiller.

Nature’s Sunshine (NSP) maintains that the best safeguard against adulteration is to know your source. For more than four decades, NSP has developed trusted partnerships and proven practices that ensure quality throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our essential oils are uniquely backed by the SureSource Guarantee: a practice that absolutely verifies essential oil authenticity back to cultivation, harvest and original distillation. We do all this so you can be completely confident that every drop of oil will work exactly as nature intended. Nothing has been added, altered or taken away. This commitment to quality and authenticity is our promise. When it comes to your health we never compromise and neither should you.

Why Authenticity Matters?

1. Essential oils applied topically are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream almost instantly.

2. Inhaling oil’s aroma immediately passes vapors into your body and mind.

Use Nature’s Sunshine products with confidence knowing only guaranteed authentic essential oils with a history of safety and efficacy will influence your health.

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