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Do you have parasites in you?

The TV famous Dr. Oz says that 90% of Americans have parasites.

There are a number of other respected leaders in medicine who have said the most undiagnosed condition in America is parasites. There are many books on the subject. Some true, some scary, and some outright alarmist. But here are the basics you need to know.

Parasites can cause seemingly random symptoms in various organs of the body with varying degrees of severity. Some symptoms of parasites in the body are the source of great agony and some are barely noticeable. A couple of the more common symptoms of parasites are: Clenching or grinding of the teeth or jaw and an itchy butt…yep you read that right.

Parasites come in all shapes and sizes.

They can be big, like tapeworms. They can also be single-celled; only visible with a microscope. They can live anywhere in the body, such as in the sinuses, around the ears, in the brain and, of course, the intestines.

Parasites can even live in the heart muscle or heart chambers. A doctor grew up in a family of butchers. After years of slaughtering cattle, he could see which cows were sick just by looking at them. They would slice the throats of the cows and then cut the jaw muscles. Upon slicing the jaw muscles of the sick cows, parasite eggs would pour out onto the floor. This is why people grind their teeth at night–because parasites can inhabit the jaw muscles. Jaw grinding happens primarily at night when parasites are more active. Some parasites lay eggs. The eggs hatch around the time of the full moon, give or take four days. When they hatch, it makes people act crazy.

Parasites May Cause:

· psoriasis

· heart problems

· constipation

· diarrhea

· muscle weakness

· floaters in the eyes

· junk food cravings

· excessive appetite

· allergies


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