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A Walk in The Wild

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Ahh, fall.

In the beloved story Anne of Green Gables L.M. Montgomery wrote, “I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” And we couldn’t agree more. It’s a splendid celebration of nature and change; Friday night football, hot cocoa and hoodies. What a wonderful life!

To follow are some DIY suggestions for embracing autumn. Keep reading to find tips for fending off seasonal symptoms, find a great reason for a walk in the wilderness and learn all- natural solutions for embracing the change.


There is nothing more beautiful than nature on display, and in the fall she’s in full splendor. What a wonderful time to escape for a long walk or hike with friends and family. Grab your camera, a healthy snack, bottle of water and a journal to record what the world reveals.

Fall Treasure Potpourri Whenever you’re out in nature, bring a small bag or lidded jar to collect found objects like pine cones, acorns, small twigs and dried berries. Mix with a few store-bought items and your favorite essential oils for a festive and fragrant homemade potpourri.

Suggested Ingredients Dried apple slices Dried orange slices Whole nuts (with shells) Whole cloves Juniper berries Dried rose hips Pine cones Clove Bud Authentic Essential Oil Cinnamon Leaf Authentic Essential Oil Pine Needle Authentic Essential Oil Orange Authentic Essential Oil

Directions Add ingredients to a large glass jar as desired. Sprinkle with essential oils and gently toss. Display in small bowls or package in clear

DIY Lavender Peppermint Balm (for dry hands and cracked heels) Suggested Ingredients 5-8 drops Peppermint 5-8 drops of Organic Lavender 2 oz. cocoa butter 2 oz. coconut oil (solid state) 4 oz. heat-proof jar medium heat-proof jar small sauce pan

Directions Drop the coconut oil and cocoa butter into the medium-sized heat-proof jar. Place the filled jar inside a sauce pan and add water (to the pan, not the jar) until it reaches 2 inches in depth. Melt the ingredients over low heat.

When thoroughly melted, carefully remove the glass jar and add the essential oils. Pour the combined mixture into a 4 oz. glass jar. Let sit until completely cooled and solidified. Cover with lid and store in a cool, dry place.


The change of seasons inevitably brings on an onslaught of pesky aches, pains and sickly symptoms. Cooler days, colder nights and increased exposure make us more susceptible. Practice precautions to keep feeling your best. Eat well, drink lots of water, exercise and get good sleep. And in terms of essential oils…

Wash your hands frequently and follow with fragrance-free moisturizers enhanced with a few drops of ESSENTIAL SHIELD Essential Oil Blend.Diffuse ESSENTIAL SHIELD, BREATHE DEEP and our newest oil, WILD WINTERGREEN, day and night to help purify and add humidity to dry air.Ward off the bad stuff by cleaning doorknobs and hard surfaces with 2 to 3 drops of Lemon, Cinnamon Leaf or Eucalyptus added to a damp sponge.

Superhero Spritzer (For freshening up at home, school, in the car, at the office, on the bus…)

Suggested Ingredients 4 to 8 drops Cinnamon Leaf 2 to 6 drops Clove Bud 2 to 6 drops Wild Wintergreen 4 to 7 drops Red Mandarin 1 ¾ oz. distilled water ¼ tsp. witch hazel 2 oz. spray bottle with lid

Directions Add all ingredients to container. Shake to blend before each use.

Aromatherapy Vapor Balm (For the chest and bottoms of feet.)

Suggested Ingredients 10 to 15 drops Peppermint 8 to 10 drops Eucalyptus 8 to 10 drops Wild Rosemary ¼ coconut oil 2 tsp. beeswax glass measuring cup glass storage containers with lids

Directions Add the beeswax and coconut oil to the measuring cup and melt completely in a double boiler. Remove from heat. Add essential oils and mix well. Pour into storage containers and let set.

EMBRACING CHANGE The advent of autumn is nature’s way of reminding us that change is good. Though some of us embrace it, and look forward to new things to come, it’s actually human nature to feel a little resistant. Whether you are preparing for a change at work, in a family situation or even transitioning from basic routines, aromatherapy can be a powerful ally. And interestingly enough, cypress, one of the best oils for providing relief in times of change is integral to Nature’s Sunshine’s BREATHE DEEP Essential Oil Blend. Reach for BREATHE DEEP to support the immune system, for breathing well and easing loved ones through change. It’s autumn’s favorite blend!

BREATHE DEEP Everyday Applications Aromatic: Inhale directly from the bottle or cupped hands at regular intervals throughout the day, or add 10 to 15 drops into a diffuser.

Topical: Dilute with Carrier Oil and place 1-3 drops over the heart, massage into pulse points on the wrists or apply to the bottoms of the feet.

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