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Art by Kay Fox

As a child Kay Fox grew up watching her mother create art and practice interior design for other people. Kay began studying with her mother at a very young age. At age 10 she remembers taking a class with a German speaking instructor, and even though there was a language bearer, Kay remembers connecting with the art that she was creating. It was a fabulous experience, and from there Kay’s artistic abilities really began to mature. Kay finds that she is drawn to pictures with a message, and she herself is skilled in a variety of mediums ranging from: pencil, composition, pastel chalks, oil painting, watercolor painting, glass painting and more. Kay also has a great love for the visual and performing arts. She has been actively teaching art since 2003 and was a member of the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts for several years. She is currently offering private and group lessons at The Herbal Alternative, 2015 N Ewing Street in Seymour, Indiana. To make an appointment or set up a class or activity please contact Kay at (812) 216-6309.

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